Uplift Gem Water Fusion and Aura Spray
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Uplift Gem Water Fusion and Aura Spray

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Uplift Gem Water Elixir Fusion and Aura Spray  

Uplift is to assist with grief, anxiety and sorrow. If you are depressed or anxious for any reason Uplift will help you raise your vibration and remove the underlying issues. It is most effective to spray and diffuse while meditating and at bedtime, in addition to spraying your aura or your body frequently throughout the day.


How to use:
Spray - Spray your aura starting over the top of your head. Also spray the bottoms of your feet to get the crystal energy and the essential oils into the foot chakras and into the system more effectively. Another place to spray that I find helpful is the front of my neck - throat area - and the back of my neck by the base of my skull. For anxiety attacks I also spray my heart and chest when I first feel them coming on.


Diffuse - Put some in a diffuser and let it fill the air while meditating, watching TV, reading or working.

Topically - I spray or drop a couple drops on my hands, rub them together and apply to my neck, temples or wherever it feels needed.
Baths - Put a few drops in a hot bath and feel yourself relax.


Indirect Gems Infused (Stones are not included, they are infused into the water):


Green Adventurine
Clear Quartz - Lemurian
Apache Tears
Amphibole (Angle Phantom Quartz)
Spirit Quartz
Kyanite (Quattro Stone)
Fire Opal
Tangerine Rainbow



Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils added:
Vanilla Absolute 
A Citrus Blend that includes: Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, and Clementine


There is no alcohol or vinegar in this blend. We recommend using within 6 months of purchase.


This fusion is also tuned with specific healing sound frequencies.


Since you are not taking this internally it will not interfere with any regimes you are already using to manage anxiety or depression but will support your mind an body to raise your vibration to a level that if you are on medications you may be able to taper down. Do not reduce any medications however without speaking with your prescribing physician. If you are not on medications hopefully this fusion will help keep you off.







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